About us

The Immortal Seats Sports & Entertainment Convention (ISSEC) combines the worlds of professional wrestling, professional sports, and TV/movies under one roof. Immortal Seats has established a new type of pop culture convention where fans can interact with their favorite stars from all entertainment genres in one convention setting!

Established in 2023, ISSEC is an annual convention that seeks to enhance the fandom of guests by bringing them closer to their favorite stars. Embracing and leaning into the unique cultures around the cores of wrestling, sports, and entertainment, ISSEC will change the convention space with a modern take on conventions that will change the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ISSEC is a convention that looks to be different by merging typically distinct convention genres into one space. Look for announcements as stars from professional wrestling, professional sports, and the broader entertainment world are added for meet and greets, photo ops, autographs, and so much more.

You should go to the first annual ISSEC if you are a fan of sports or entertainment. This convention promises to put together a list of stars and vendors that have never been together in the same building before and may never be again. The scope of the ISSEC sets it apart, and there will be no more fun way to spend a November Saturday in Tampa!

The first annual ISSEC takes place on Saturday, November 9, 2024. This is the Saturday of Veterans Day weekend, making the convention perfect for a visit as part of a long weekend in the Tampa area.

The 2024 ISSEC will be held at the Tampa Convention Center. It is at 333 S. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL, 33602.

The convention runs from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, November 9, 2024.

Sure you can, and we would love to have you! Look at our vendor and sponsorship pages, or contact us through the Immortal Conventions website for more details!

This is a family-friendly convention. Immortal Seats surveyed future attendees and found that 56% were male, 36% female, and 8% declined (or forgot) to answer. We want fans to feel safe and enjoy the convention, which is one reason we rented such a massive venue for the event!